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All account fields can contain up to 50 characters (either account names or numbers).

Checks and balances within Keystroke help prevent the occurrence of creating unbalanced journal entries due to missing Posting Accounts. However, improper setup can still result in unbalance entries due to missing account numbers. The following tips will help avoid such circumstances:

Generally it is best to enter a valid and appropriate account number in every available field in each of the Accounting Link Posting Accounts. Inventory Department and Payment Type are used to further define and separate postings and are not required. If an Inventory Department or Payment Type is listed, a valid account number/name must be specified.

Each Inventory Department listed should have valid accounts entered for all fields (Sales, Inventory, COGS, Variance, Purchases). The exception to this rule is to leave the Inventory, COGS, Variance, and Purchases fields blank in order to not post to these accounts.

Each Payment Type listed must have a valid account specified. Do not leave the account field blank for any listed Payment Types. When not posting a Payment Type to a different account than is specified in the Posting Accounts function (Cash Payments, Credit Payments (AR), or Other Payments), delete the Payment Type line from the list by pressing [Ctrl]+[Backspace].


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