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Technical Support Service - Additional Information

Earning FREE Software Maintenance Service

Our best references come from our loyal customers.  To show our appreciation for your support, we'll give you FREE Software Maintenance Service (including program updates) just for doing one of the following:

1)   Recommend Keystroke to Another Business:

Call or fax to us the business name, contact, address, telephone number and any other pertinent information.  We'll provide them with an information package, show them how to download and help them install the FREE Evaluation Software, and pass the referral along to a local Authorized Keystroke Dealer.  When that business purchases Keystroke, we'll add 3 months to your Software Maintenance Service renewal date (must be on a currently active plan).

2)   Send Us Photos Of Keystroke Being Used in Your Business:

Include a brief description of how Keystroke has helped manage your business or solve a problem.  If we use your submission we'll add at least 3 months to your Software Maintenance Service renewal date (must be on a currently active plan). The more unique the usage, the more free support you'll earn!

Keystroke Technical Support Limitations

One of our goals at SBS is to provide the best customer service we can to all of our customers, both end-users and dealers alike. Under our Software Maintenance Plans it is our policy to assist end-users with issues that directly pertain to Keystroke software and refer customers to contact their dealer whenever it is appropriate. A few examples of this include: networking, operating system problems, viruses, failed hard disks, installing printers or other hardware, third party software issues (including custom applications and MultiStore polling issues), etc. Exceptions to this policy include Pay Per Call and Remote Desktop Support, where we will give our best effort to assist customers with most reasonable requests whether Keystroke related or not. Pay Per Call Support is available to all customers, including those on prepaid plans for training services or for non-Keystroke issues. Remote Desktop Support is available only to customers on Silver or Gold Support Plans.

How to Get the Fastest Answers!
(Before dialing for help)

Look at the computer screen.  You may be surprised to find the answer to many simple questions, right under your nose!  For example; if you don't remember where a particular function is, press [Alt], then [Enter], and scroll across the menu bar.  Even if it takes a guess or two, you're still likely to find what you need in just seconds.

Press [F1] for context-sensitive, on-line Help.  The on-line Help Screens system is searchable and also organized via a Table Of Contents.

If you have a concise question or problem which you are unable to resolve using the [F1] Help Screens, please call us.  Keystroke's Help screens and documentation files do provide answers to most questions, but certainly not all.  Remember that the Table of Contents and Search are there to help you quickly locate specific topics.

Also, please keep in mind that Keystroke Technical Support Services are available primarily to help users like yourself resolve and overcome technical problems encountered while using the Keystroke system.  These Technical Support Services are not intended for step-by-step training. The best source for hands-on training is the local Authorized Keystroke Dealer who installed your point of sale system.

How to Get the Best Technical Assistance!
(When you need to call for help)

Be prepared before you dial the phone.  The support technician will need to know your name, business name, and Keystroke Serial Number (found on the Keystroke logo screen and also on the About Keystroke screen accessed via the About option under the Help menu at the top of every Keystroke screen.   Also, if your business has more than one store location, we will also need to know which store you are calling from and the phone number there.

Call from a phone within reach of the computer, and have Keystroke running.  If a program error has occurred, the support technician will need to know the Error or Warning Number, what program function was being used, and exactly which keys where pressed immediately preceding the error.

Describe the problem or question as clearly and briefly as you can.  Strange as it sounds, it's very common for users to have questions they just aren't sure how to ask.  Keystroke support technicians can often identify the source of difficulties with very little information to go on.  The Keystroke support technician will try to narrow down the problem by asking a series of questions, and may ask you to carefully follow some instructions.

Call during business hours.  Although you can leave a message any time and we will return your call, it is usually better for you to call us during our Support Service hours.  Thus, we'll avoid playing "phone tag" or interrupting your time with a customer, and you'll be better prepared to work through the problem.

Please leave a message.  If you call during business hours and a person doesn't answer the phone, please leave a message.  We will call you back, usually within minutes.  If you hang up and redial, chances are another customer will leave a message and receive a call back before your call will be answered.  Also, please note that we are usually busiest between 9:00am and 2:00pm Mountain Time, so calling earlier or later in the day can be easier.

If you have a serious system problem outside Support Service hours, there are several things you can try.  About the only problems that could ever render your system temporarily unusable will be due to hardware or network operating system failure, which may require assistance from your local dealer.  However, until help is available, you might try the following: check all cables, reset the system (i.e., exit all programs, turn power off and back on again), and consider if there have been any recent changes to the system that might be related to the problem (i.e., new hardware added, settings changed, etc.).

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