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System Specifications for Keystroke Advanced POS
and Keystroke Point Of Sale Version 8 and Later

Minimum Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 or later.

Available Hard Disk Space - Approx. 200 Mb for program files, and typically less than 2 Gb for data (see actual estimations below).

Databases - Inventory/Customers/Vendors/Clerks/Departments/etc. - Requires less than 1 Mb per 1,000 database records.

Maximum Records per Database - 1 million each (e.g. 1 million inventory items, 1 million customers).

Transaction Data – Invoices/Orders/Quotes/Time Clock Entries/etc. - Requires approx. 1 Gb per 250,000 transactions. Keystroke’s unique transaction data storage system allows an extensive amount of historical data to remain actively available for reports and lookups, without mandatory archiving or degradation in system performance. This provides direct access to as many as 5 billion transactions, many years of history for most small businesses.

Computers - Any computer capable of adequately running its operating system (e.g. sufficient RAM and system resources) will be able to run Keystroke. A conventional PC can be used and peripherals such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner can be added. There are also a variety of computers available which are designed and constructed specifically for the point of sale. Commonly referred to as "All-In-Ones", these systems include some built-in peripherals and are designed to look more like a standard cash register. Ask your local Authorized Dealer about options and prices.

Typical point of sale peripherals - Keystroke supports nearly all PC-based POS hardware peripherals available on the market. This includes touch screen machines designed specifically for PCI PA-DSS compliant point of sale payment processing, biometric readers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, barcode label printers, customer pole displays, digital signage, digital video surveillance systems with DVR and text overlay, change dispensers, electronic scales, deli scales, programmable keyboards, credit card readers, PIN pads, signature capture, end-to-end (E2E) encrypted payment devices and routers/modems (both broadband and dial-up, for credit card processing and/or data interchange between multiple stores/locations).

Printers - Keystroke provides the ability to print a comprehensive selection of reports, business forms such as statements and invoices, and label formats such as mailing labels and barcode price tags.

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