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Keystroke Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts provide the ability to set up special procedures for selling inventory items at the point of sale. An item set up with a Script is referred to as a "Scripted Item". These procedures, called "Scripts", may include any combination of special reminder messages, on-screen prompts to enter data, tag-along items (automatic or prompted), component items ("kitting"), and suggested alternate items when out of stock. Each inventory item may have its own unique Script(s).

Sales Scripts provide benefits to most any business using Keystroke.

Triggered by the sale of a primary (Scripted) item, Keystroke will run the Scripts you have specified for that Scripted Item. A Script can be as simple as a brief reminder to the clerk to ask the customer for a delivery address, or as complex as the addition of dozens of tag-along items. A Sales Script could be used, for example, to sell a computer. The system can prompt the clerk with choices for the size of case, hard drive, RAM, monitor, etc. Based on the selections, the system will automatically adjust the price of the computer (or each computer component can be priced separately on the invoice). The selected components can even be indented or printed in a condensed font on the invoice.

Scripts can be used to define Start of Sale and/or End of Sale procedures to run at the beginning or end of every sales transaction. Master Scripts can also be assigned to entire Departments, Categories, or Locations. A variety of powerful Script settings are available to control how and when a Script runs including: Out Of Stock Only, Returns Only, Replace Scripted Item, Run Once Per Transaction, Run Only On Specific Transaction Type, Default Customer Only, Run Script from Item, Select Comments from Item, Starting/Ending Date Range, Day Of Week, Day Of Month, Daily Time Window.

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Commonly Used Sales Script Functions

Kitting, parts assembly, sub-assembly, components (add additional items to a sale, automatically, or by prompting the clerk with options).

Tag-Along Items (automatically add additional items such as core charges, batteries, cords, etc.).

Suggested Items (suggest upgrades or complementary products).

Substitute/alternate items (suggest other choices when item is out of stock).

Superseded/replacement items (automatically select newer model).

Add-on items (prompt to select from a list of optional items to add to the sale).

Reminder messages (prompt sales clerk with special instructions or reminders).

Prompt for vomment (prompt sales clerk to enter additional information).

Assign Master Scripts to entire Departments, Categories or Locations.

Dimension Calculator Script.

Keyboard Macro Script.

Play sound files.

Optional warning beeps.

Fixed Quantity or Prompt for Quantity per item.

Multiple Quantity per Tag-Along or Add-On item.

Treat Tag-Along or Add-On items as components or independent items.

Roll up cost and/or price to the cost/price of Scripted item.

Execute a Script only when item is out of stock.

Nested Scripts (a Script run from one item can contain another Scripted Item, whose Script then runs when that item is reached during the initial Script).

NOTE: Keystroke Sales Scripts management (create, edit, delete) is available only with Keystroke Advanced POS. Sales Script usage is supported by Keystroke Point Of Sale (but must be managed with an Advanced POS license).

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