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Inventory Production

Inventory Production is a maintenance tool designed to help manage items that are produced in batches from individually purchased components (such as Gift Baskets). Inventory Production is ideal for businesses which do product assembly or light manufacturing. While Scripting handles component inventory at the time of the sale, Production is designed to be used before items are sold.

Inventory Production Templates can be set up for finished goods which contain various component items. A specified quantity of the Templates' items can later be "Produced", at which time appropriate quantities of each item are updated.

Click To View Inventory Production Template Screenshot

Click image for larger Inventory Production Template screenshot.

Click to view Inventory Production Component screenshot.

Click image for larger Inventory Production Component screenshot.

Production Features:

Produce items individually as needed.

Auto-Produce all items needed, based on predefined quantities.

Optionally update costs and/or prices according to current costs.

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