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Printer Information

Keystroke will work with a wide variety of basic and specialty printers. Although inkjet printers are acceptable for printing reports, we do not recommend them for use with Keystroke, especially for labels. When selecting a printer, it is important to consider what is being printed, how much is being printed, and the cost of paper, labels and other supplies.

Laser Printers

Laser printers provide high quality printing capabilities at a reasonable price. They are commonly used to print labels, price tags, barcodes, reports, invoices, purchase orders, etc. Laser printers can also be utilized by other software packages used for accounting, spreadsheets, and word processing. Laser printers are "page" printers, meaning that labels will typically be printed on 8 by 11 inch label stock. Barcode labels may be set up to print from one to six across the page, ranging from one to 60 labels per page. A full page is always sent through the printer, so there may be some wasted label stock. The best laser printers to use with Keystroke are those manufactured by Hewlett Packard (HP), or printers which are HP-compatible, such as those from Brother.

Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are frequently used to quickly print high quality sales receipts on narrow roll-type paper, typically about 3 inches wide. Many manufacturers offer durable, fast, thermal receipt printer models with features ranging from graphics (business logos) support, to automatic paper cutters, and check endorsement features. Typically, the less expensive the receipt printer, the slower the print speed and the fewer the options. Receipt printers that work well with Keystroke include those offered by Epson and Star Micronics.

Label Printers

Thermal label printers, unlike other printers which can be used for multiple tasks, serve a specific purpose - printing high quality labels and price tags. Thermal label printers offer benefits such as raw speed, output flexibility, durability, and overall quality of the labels produced. Thermal printers utilize custom programming settings to control the formatting of the printed labels and are therefore sometimes more difficult to set up and create labels for. Certain high-end barcode label printers can even be configured for special applications such as whether-proof plastic stake tags used in plant nurseries. The best label printers to use with Keystroke are those offered by Zebra Technologies, Godex International, and Cognitive TPG.

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers, sometimes referred to as impact printers, are the printers used to print on multiple-copy, tractor (or continuous) feed paper. The best dot matrix printers to use with Keystroke are those manufactured by Okidata.

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