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Purchasing & Receiving
Inventory from Vendors

Receiving items through the Purchasing will automatically update the QOH and Costs of the Inventory items received.

Generating purchase orders (PO's) is as easy as entering sales.  A unique automatic ordering feature will save many hours of work every week by creating suggested orders for each vendor based on reorder points and current stock levels.  Email PO's (in HTML or plain text format) to Vendors using the Keystroke KeyMail SMTP engine (includes the ability to attach the PO's as PDF files).

Inventory items can quickly be copied from Vendor Catalogs. Keystroke Vendor Catalog files are separate Inventory database files stored in the "Data\Catalogs\" directory. The catalog file names are based on the Vendor's Number (e.g. "C:\KEYSTROK\DATA\CATALOGS\123.DAT" for Vendor Number 123). When working with Keystroke Purchase transactions, if an Inventory item is not found, Keystroke will check the "Catalogs\" directory for the Vendor's Catalog file. If the Catalog file exists, Keystroke will search for the item in that file. If the item is found in the Catalog file, Keystroke will prompt to "Copy from Vendor Catalog?" and then copy the Inventory item’s record from the Vendor Catalog file to the current Inventory file.

MultiStore Purchase Orders uses a single Master PO from which individual store location POs are automatially created to receive the item quantities to be delivered to each store location. Quickly copy new inventory items directly from available Vendor Catalog files into Keystroke purchase orders.

Detailed sales reports will help determine where inventory purchasing funds are best used.

With a few simple keystrokes, inventory is updated and price labels are printed.

Click To View Keystroke Purchase Order Screen Shot

Click image for larger Purchase Order screenshot.

Click To View Keystroke Purchase Order Screen Shot

Click image for larger Multistore Purchase Order screenshot.

Purchasing Features:

Purchase Orders and Invoices.

Fast Vendor and Inventory Lookups.

Vendor Catalogs - if an Inventory item is not found, Keystroke will check the available Vendor's Catalog files for the item and if it is found, will prompt to "Copy from Vendor Catalog?".

MultiStore Purchase Orders - a single MultiStore PO automatically generates individual store PO's using each store location's unique re-order quantities.

Reserved Orders (ordering worksheet).

KeyMail - Keystroke's internal SMTP engine emails PO's directly to vendors. Supports HTML, plain text, and file attachments.

Fast and Unique Lookup Features.

Shipping Labels.

Vendor-Specific Costs and Part Numbers.

Track Open Orders.

Add/Edit Vendors and Inventory on-the-fly.

Free-Form Line Item and Transaction Comments.

Barcode Scanning.

Complete Transaction History.

Lot Tracking.

Serial Number Tracking.

Separate Detailed Audit Trail.

Re-Sort Line Items.

Copy/Edit/Void Orders.

Import Items from Portable Device.

Automated Ordering and Receiving.

Distribute Shipping to Item Costs.

Distribute Discounts to Item Costs.

Real-Time Quantity and Cost Updating.

Automated Price Updates from new Costs.

Features such as EDI (Electronic Data Interface), direct faxing, and importing Vendor-provided order data are available as Keystroke Extension programs. There are many variables involved in setting up these systems; please contact your local Authorized Keystroke Dealer for more information.

Keystroke POS Point of Sale Software

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