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Importer Module

The Importer provides the ability to transfer data from an ASCII comma or tab delimited file format into the Keystroke system. Inventory, Department/Category/Location, Customer and Vendor data may be either imported as complete records, and/or merged for the purpose of modifying specific fields in an existing database (e.g., price updates obtained on disk from a Vendor).

Importer Module Features:

Import from ASCII comma or tab delimited file format.

Compatible with other software (e.g., spreadsheets, databases, etc.).

Options to: Merge (Update), Append (Add), or Replace existing data.

Merge all fields or only selected fields.

Field mapping tool for user-definable order of data fields in source file.

Can be automated by running from outside of Keystroke.

Click To View Inventory Importer Setup Screenshot

Click image for larger Inventory Importer Setup Screen screenshot.

Importer Module Typical Uses:

Import Inventory/Department&Category/Customer/Vendor data from other programs.

Import Inventory records from vendor-provided files / vendor catalog data.

Create Keystroke Vendor Catalog files.

Import/Merge price updates and other fields' data from vendor-provided data.

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