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Accounting Link

The Keystroke Accounting Link quickly and accurately summarizes sales, accounts receivable, purchasing, and variance data for your bookkeeper, accountant or accounting system. Accurate, balanced accounting entries are automatically created for activity over any time period (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Journal entries are generated for sales, inventory, cost of goods, payments, deposits, finance charges, paid outs, purchase payables, inventory variances, and cash drawer over/shorts.

Accounting Link data can be output to a standard printed report format or to a file which is formatted for posting into various third-party accounting systems.

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Accounting Link currently includes interface options for the following specific programs: Sage BusinessWorks, CYMA IV, CYMA PAS III, CYMA GBS II, AccPac BPI, AccPac Simply Accounting (or Bedford), AccPac Plus, Macola, QuickBooks DOS, QuickBooks Windows, Peachtree Office, Peachtree by Sage, and others.

The Standard Link may be used with systems not listed if your accounting system has a journal entry import function that is capable of importing from a delimited text file. Some accounting systems' import functions also include a mapping feature allowing the user to define the format and layout for file to be imported (such as MAS90). If no such mapping feature is available, the Keystroke POS mapping utility ( mapfile.exe ) may be used to perform the same task before the file is imported.

Posting can be performed as frequently as necessary and is similar to running a report where a date/time range can be specified to post (e.g., calendar month, weekly, daily, etc.). The Report option can be used to review entries before posting, and/or to manually post journal entries in any accounting program.

Accounting Link Features:

Post Sales, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Variance and Purchase Transactions.

Detail Levels:
- Detailed (Invoices and ROA Payments in detail)
- Invoice Summary (ROA Payments in detail)
- Summary by Day (recommended)
- Totals (minimal journal entries)

Date Formats:
- MM/DD/YY (default)

Separate Posting Accounts for each Inventory Department (Sales, Inventory, COGS).

Separate Posting Accounts for each Payment Type (i.e., separate accounts for Credit Card, Cash/Checks, House Credit, etc.).

Can be automated by running from outside of Keystroke.

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